Hector Finch | IP44 Lighting and Osh Lamp Explained
IP44 Lighting and Osh Lamp Explained

IP44 Lighting and Osh Lamp Explained

  • What is an IP44 rating and what rating do my lights need to have in my desired location?

    The IP code is an International Protection marking which indicates a standard of protection against particle ingress, amongst other factors. An IP44 marking specifically indicates protection from the intrusion of particles. Lights which are IP44 rated are designed for use in bathrooms and other environments where water spray is a risk factor. Not all bathroom lights are at risk of water intrusion and therefore may not need to be IP44 rated.

    For the purposes of installing electrical equipment, a bathroom is divided into zones. The criteria for each zone is based on the risk of electric shock. The zones relate to the IP rating of products and where they can be safely installed.


    Zone 0 - the interior of the bath or shower that can hold water. Requires electrical products to be low voltage (max 12V) and rated IPX7.

    Zone 0  - Hector Finch does not sell or manufacture any zone 0 lights.

    Zone 1 - the area directly above zone 0, limited to a height of 2.25m above the bath or shower. Requires electrical products to have an IPX4 or better. Products should use safety extra low voltage (SELV) with the transformer located in zone 3 or beyond. 

    Zone 2 - the area beyond zones 0 and 1, stretching 0.6m horizontally and up to 2.25m vertically. This also includes the recessed area of a window with a sill next to the bath. Requires electrical products to have an IPX4 or better. SELV with the transformer located in zone 3 or beyond. 

    Zone 3 - the area beyond zone 2, stretching 2.4m horizontally and up to 2.25m vertically. There is not a specified IP number for this zone, although some products are marked as not for bathroom use. SELV or shaver units are permitted, all other portable electrical equipment is not. 

  • What is an Osh Lamp?


    The Osh Lamp is a versatile and well designed water resistant G9 lamp holder that can be of help in the production of decorative bathroom and exterior light fittings. 

    The Osh Lamp will solve many of the issues of IP44 certification but it should be noted that the individual light fitting will require appropriate testing before it can carry an IP certification label.

    The Osh Lamp is comprised of 3 main parts:

    1. The brass body with 10mm entry in base. This can be supplied with a shade ring or plain body version.
    2. The ceramic G9 lamp holder
    3. The glass cover or top with thread

    The Osh Lamp can be fitted on to a light fitting in the same way as a traditional lamp holder, using the thread in the base. 

    Technical Information:

    1.  The Osh Lamp flex is threaded through the body of the light fitting, just as a conventional lamp holder would be. The cables are pulled through the body of the light fitting.                 
    2.  The Osh Lamp screws on to the 10mm thread (see diagram).
    3.  If there is a requirement for a conventional shade to be attached to the light fitting, this can be fitted in the usual manner, utilising an Osh Lamp version with a shade ring (see diagram).            

  • What types of Osh lamp are available?


    Hector Finch Lighting offers 2 types of Osh lamp; a Candle Top and a Dome Top, both available with a plain body or with a shade ring body, depending on which fixture you are using them for. Please use the links below for further technical information about our unique Osh lamps:

    Osh Lamp (Candle Top) with Shade Ring Body

    Osh Lamp (Candle Top) with Plain Body

    Osh lamp (Dome Top) with Shade Ring Body

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